Meet iola

Next-Generation Messenger App
  for your social networking site

iola Chats screen

What is iola

Messenger app with social networking features.

Let your users make friends, discover profiles, and discuss photos!

Why iola

Let's say, you want your users to be more in touch with your website. Bring them a mobile application with social features that works as an extension of your site and it's all for free! See the iola features below and go get them!
iola Profile screen
iola Chat screen

Key features

  • Easy start

    Just install plugin on your platform and you're in!

  • Easy customization

    Customize your app right from your website Admin Panel

  • Multiplatform

    We support iOS, Android and we are planning to support PWA (a web version)

  • True native mobile experience

    iola is built with Facebook React Native

  • Push notifications
    Push notifications
    Real-time updates about news and messages
  • Localizations
    Chats worldwide
  • Themes
    Variations of the app’s looks
  • News Feed
    News Feed
    Keep up-to-date to the news
  • Group chats
    Group chats
    Sometimes the more, the better
  • Stickers
    More emotions in chats
  • GIFs
    ...tons of emotions in chats!
  • And much more...
Request a new feature
  • Admin: step 1
    Setup plugin for your platform
  • Admin: step 2
    Customize the app from your Admin Panel
  • User: step 1
    Install iOS/Android
    iola app
  • User: step 2
    Enter your website URL and have fun!
We currently support
Coming soon
Basic Kit
  • Customization

    Your logo, background and accent colors in iola app

  • Generic iola app

    Your clients will download iola app from the stores and enter your website’s URL to join a community

Use for free
Steady Growth
  • Customization

    Your logo, background and accent colors in iola app

  • Standalone application

    Your clients will download an app with your company’s name and icon in stores, with no need to enter your website’s URL

  • Store distribution

    We will publish your app to stores and will take care of further upgrades

Coming soon
Want to get updates?
Try iola. It’s free.
iola is under
active development

If you feel iola needs any additional feature, you are welcome to request a new feature.

If you found a bug, please let us know with your bug report.

Also, see all the proposed features (and get excited!).

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